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Anne Frank Vocab. Act 1

Michelle Goulet

Complete the puzzle as best you can.

Insufferable He wore the same suit that I had seen him in five years before; it was torn and stained, _________, and it hung upon him loosely, as though it had been made for someone else.
Wallowed Jessica laughed a mocking laugh, and said________, "you ain't got any money!"
Compassion The twists and turns in the cave soon _________us.
Mercurial The Scarecrow looked at her________, and answered: "Well I have no brain."
Reproachfully You are too _______ - you reveal all my emotions.
Fatalist He was_________ at the problem confronting him.
Conspicuous Let your _______be encouraged, and do not disown it.
Scoffingly I ______ when mom embarrasses me in front of strangers
Meticulous Kayla went to her grandfather's funeral with much________.
Apprehension I think that school is very_________.
Ostentatiously Tasha after being asked by Mrs.Pointer to step out on stage pretending she was drunk, she __________approached the stage, swinging her arms.
Unabashed The car ________ back through the slush, with water trickling down the windows.
Zeal I had almost answered __________ and told the truth to the court.
Loathe He has _________rudeness and impossible behavior
Vile Heather approached her dance practice with much _______.
Sobered He really ________up when he saw the consequences of all his actions.
Emigrate My hot pink dress was very __________ when I went to the park.
Bewildered It is impossible to give you an idea of such________ neatness.
Threadbare "He is far too wise of a man," I thought, "to have become a_______."
Indignantly Between the two roadways is a trench, ______lighted at night.
Sparsely Many people had to _________during the Nazi period.
Appalled He made no answer to this, except to smile at me with _________pleasure and affection as I drove away.

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