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Anne Frank Crossword Puzzle

Sandra Kue

No description

monotonous a place arranged ahead of time to meet
capitulation more then necessary
Gestapo to criticize or tell somebody off
rendezvous Nazi secret police
exquisite an extremist
melancholy a thoughtful or gentle sadness
ludicrous surrender to a resistance
economy absurdly ridiculous
congenial cleverness and originality
penetrate to rebuke someone for wrongdoing
reprimand a planned campaign of persicution by the government directed against an ethic group
pogrom notice displayed in public
poignant imagined illness
hypochondria causing sadness or pity
placard pleasent and suited to somebody's character or tastes
ingenuity financial affairs
pique a bad mood or feeling of resentment
rebuke infiltrate group
fanatic repetitious or uninteresting
superfluous finely beautiful

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