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The Battles of the Western Front GCSE

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armistice The third battle of Ypres
channelports The major effect of tanks
machinegun place where the German advance was delayed for a dya in 1914
passchendaele French fortress
five The number of casualties on the first day of the Sommme
nomansland small British force sent to Belguim in 1914
two French General
Schlieffenplan number of machine guns Britain had per battalion
ludendorff name of the river the Germans retreated to after the Battle of Marne
Aisne name of the German plan to invade France and Russia
Mons The reason Russia left the war
revolution The number of days the bombardment lasted before the attack at the Somme
psychological The area between the two trenches
verdun used at the second battle of Ypres
BEF German General
cambrai The first successful use of tanks
petain The Germans and British raced to get here
chlorinegas Third Battle of Ypres
nineteenseventeen ceasefire
sixtythousand The main weapon of the western front

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