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Vocabulary - The Boston Tea Party

Mrs. Hartwig

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intolerble powerful; power that comes from being rich or having a high postion
deception widely known, famous, distinguished
monopoly Body of delegates that acted for the American colonies and states during and after the American Revolution
Parliament the lawmaking body of Great Britain, that is like our Congress
masquerading to order the payment of
cargo to stir up
impending to bring goods into one country from another
continental congress ancestor; a person who comes before one in a family line
levied the load of goods carried by a ship, plane, train, truck, etc.
prominent to pay back; repay
recoup to take back a statement, promise, offer
incite something one must do because the law, one’s conscience, etc. demands it; a contract or promise
influential to painful or cruel to bear
transcribed make someone believe what is not true, fraud
representation acting or speaking for someone
forefathers to be about to happen, threatening
patriots to make impatient; annoy; bother
import important
smuggle to bring or take in a secret way
aggravate to hide who one is by pretending to be someone else
significant unavoidable
retracting persons who show great love for his or her country and are loyal to it
obligation to write out in full
inevitably complete control of a product or service in some place by a single person or group

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