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Byzantine Empire and The Church

Susan Wiles

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heresy high ranking official of church, appointed by Pope
codification study of religious questions
icon disagreement with the basic teaching of a religion
laity director of a convent
conclave to arrange in a systematic form
abbott head of the church in one of 5 important cities
priest a subgroup within a larger religious group
simony people who carry religious messages
Hagia Sophia church of Holy Wisdom
pope members of a Catholic order who practice poverty and preach
friar head of a monastery
seminary head of a diocese
Constantinople church officials
abbess selling of positions in the church (Middle Ages)
monasteries in charge of daily operations of a local church
doctrine a statement of policies that are taught
missionaries established formal rituals of the RC Church (baptism..)
bishop what cardinals are locked into while electing a pope
secular the territiorial jurisdiction of the bishop
theology bishop of Rome, later head of the RC church
diocese people who wanted icons removed from churches
clergy not specifically religious
schism school for educating priests
iconoclast church members who aren't clergy
sect formerly Byzantium, now Istanbul
convent a place where men live together in a spiritual way
patriarch religious images
cardinal split or separation of church
sacrament a place where women live together in a spiritual way

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