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The World of the Castle

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Clerk The lowest ranked religous offiicial.
Carver He kept the whole courtyard clean.
Chief cook The _____ was responsible for buying and storingall the food.
Knights Lords kept a staff of loyle followerscalled_____ who protected the castle.
Archers He stayed in the hot steamy kitchen to cook.
Grooms He/she knew how to read, write and keep acounts.
Sweeper This person cut and prepaired the meat for dinner.
Musicians He is the head of all of the whole castle.
Pantler He served all the food to the lord during big events and parties.
Taster He looked over and prepaird the lord and ladies favourite and war hourses.
Marshle Foot soldiers that gaurded the castles with all sorts of weapons were called:
Jester She made all the cloths and seets and repaired clothes with fine wool for lord and lady.
Cupbearer He sampled all the food before being served.
Butler Entertained the lord with funny acts and jokes.
Lord He carved meat pouring wine and ofered food to the guests.
Spinner They played music during feasts and other special events.

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