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Causes of WWII

Mike Sanchez

No description

Jews Number of points in Wilson's plan to end WWI
Czechoslovakia U.S. president who devloped the idea of the League of Nations
Manchuria Type of government in Russia following WWI
Nations One of the groups Hitler blamed for Germany's loss in WWI
Austria Country invaded by Germany on Sept. 1, 1939 the start of WWII
Negotiations Country that Germany made a secret treaty with; agreed to divide up poland
Vesailles Country which owned the Sudetenland
Submarine Disputes between countries were to be settled by ________ instead of force. The first step in the League of Nations
Japan Area of Germany that was demilitarized after WWI
Appeasement American policy after WWI
Demilitarized Country that was invaded by Italy in 1934
Reparations Position Hitler was elected to in 1933
Fourteen Political party that Adolph Hitler was a member of
Sudetenland League of _______ formed at the end of WWI, was supposed to ensure peace
Poland To satisfy or make calm by giving what is wanted
Russia Treaty that ended WWI
Isolationism To keep free of military personnel or weapons
Abyssinia Payment for damage, Germany had to $17 billion after WWI
Wilson Country that Germany was not allowed to unite with following WWI
Pacifist Country that was forced to take the full blame for WWII
Nazi To draft or mandatory military service
Chamberlin Someone who is against war or fighting for any reason
Hilter Country that quit the League of Nations
Munich Area of China that was invaded by Japan in 1931
Conscription Type of naval vessel that Germany was not allowed to have after WWI
Communist Region Hitler demanded be handed over to Germany
Rhineland Leader of Germany who led them into WWII
Chancellor Area of Germany that was occupied by the French after WWI
Rhur Prime Minister of Great Britain who appeased Hilter
Germany Name of the agreement which gave Germany the Sudetenland

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