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Derek DeRooy


Neustria Saxon duke fighting against Charlemagne
ErichofFriuli Catholic who called on Charlemagne for help from Lombards
Saxony Daughter of Lombardy King; marriage with Charlemagne annulled over war
Louis Worst defeat in Charlemagne's military career
Pepin Charlemagne's sword
Carloman SW European Peninsula, controlled by Moors
Iberia Father of Charlemagne
LeoIII Heralded knight killed in battle of Roncesvalles Pass
Roncesvalles Muslims ruling over modern-day Spain
Avar King of Lombardy, before being conquered by Charlemagne
Charlemagne Pope who crowned Charlemagne emperor
Joyeuse Germanic people who spanned Central Europe
MassacreofVerden Home of German rebels; site of 30-year-long war
Hadrian Sacked Ring of Avars with Pepin
Roland Son of Charlemagne; Sacked Ring of Avars
Moors Grandfather of Charlemagne
CharlesMartel Emperor of Franks
Desideria Only son alive at time of Charlemagne's death
Desiderius Great fortress holding lots of treasure
PippinIII brother of Charlemagne; died in 771
Carolingians Kingdom in modern-day Hungary
Brittany Beheading of 4,500 pagan Saxons in 782
Franks NW corner of modern-day France
Widukind Line of Frankish kings that succeeded Merovingians
RingoftheAvars Land that Charlemagne inherited from father

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