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Christopher Columbus Facts

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western the ocean that was also unknown in the 1400's
NorthAmerica obstacle: danger of no ___________
America his son's name
China how many more voyages he made
Admiral Columbus died still believing he had reached __________
bilge what the crew used to tell what direction they were going
fourteen he felt he was a failure because he didn't found this country
Pinta the first explorer to discover a _____ ___________ to America
Pacific one of two continents that were unknown at that time
sandbox one job of the crew: cleaning the _______
America 1506 Columbus _________ in Spain
SanSalvador what he named where he landed
deck the country where he was born in 1451
Atlantic another part of their diet (a drink)
Bahamas the country he first asked to sponsor him and they said no
maps the third of the ships that he sailed with
WestIndies a third job of the crew: pumping the _______
Spain a part of their diet (a food they ate)
India what lay in the ocean between Spain and China
fish what Columbus thought he had reached
three they believed that the sea was full of __________
Italy the number of hours a crew member worked at one time
two the number of months it took to spot land
Indians an open ___________ on the deck was where the sailors cooked their meals
SantaMaria the country that agreed to sponsor him in 1485
SouthAmerica the second of the ships he sailed with
sails they believed that the earth was ____________
miles how old he was when he first went to sea
mapped they also ate fresh-caught ________
searoute the direction of the sea route he wanted to find to Asia
superstitions where he believed he sailed to
Asia the ships traveled approximately 150 _______ per day
Asia what land he discovered
four the title given to him by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
compass what Columbus landed on in 1492
wine a second job of the crew: working the _________
biscuit the place that he wanted to find a sea route to
Portugal another food that they ate (hint: think what mice eat)
Diego to help establish the Americas, he ________ the route that he sailed
Nina what he called the island's inhabitants where he landed
flat the first of the ships he sailed with
monsters the ocean he made voyages across
died the other of the two continents that were unknown at the time
cheese things that the sailors believed in that probably weren't true

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