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Code Talker

Joseph Bruchac

No description

read Johnny Manuelito called Ned _______.
Hiroshima Once Ned got to boarding school what was one thing they took?
medals A white person was called a ________.
alligator What makes Ned feel blessed and protected?
hair A "Potato" was code for a ________.
KiiYazhii What nickname were the landing boats given?
sixteen Where was the beautiful place that Ned went to before he went to Japan?
Hawaii What were the remaining Code Talkers given to the White House?
uniform How old was Ned when he joined the Marines?
handgrenade The one thing the Navajos were bad at at boot camp was _______.
bilagaanaa What were the kids put into once they got to boarding school?
jewelry What was the subject that interested Ned the most?
history What city did America drop the Atomic Bomb on in Japan?
cornpollen What did "wol-la-chee" mean in Navajo?
wollachee Georgia Boy doesn't know how to ________.
IwoJima The U.S. raised their flag on _______ Japan.
ant What else was taken once the kids got to boarding school?
swimming What was Ned Begay's name before he went to the boarding school?

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