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Cold War Test Review

Mr. Schiralli

Fidel Castro, Medicare, Senator Joseph McCarthy, Sunbelt, Taft Hartley Act, Twenty Fourth Amendment, Warren CommissionBay of Pigs, Collective Security, Great Society, Eisenhower, Sputnik,United Nations, Marshall Plan, MacArthur, NASA, suburbs, babyboom, McCarthyism, Truman Doctrine, GI Bill of Rights, quarantine

Marshall Plan Communist dictator of Cuba
Warren Commission This President sent soldiers federal troops to Arkansas, during the 1957 school integration crisis
United Nations This woman refused to give up her seat on a bus and her actions led to the Montgomery bus boycott
Sunbelt This program helped rebuild Europe after World War II
Twenty Fourth NATO and the Warsaw Pact were created for this reason
Truman Doctrine The name of President Johnson's programs to combat poverty
Taft Hartley Act Period of massive population increase
Senator Joseph McCarthy This amendment to the Constitution prohibited poll taxes
Bay of Pigs Provides healthcare to the elderly
GI Bill of Rights This organization was created to be an international peacekeeper
suburbs Outlawed closed shops
MacArthur This general was fired when his letter attacking President Truman became public
Sputnik During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy authorized this stop Soviet ships
NASA Commission, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, that investigated the assassination of President Kennedy
Medicare Was an attempt to contain communism
Rosa Parks The launch of this Soviet satellite caused fear that America was behind in technology
collective security Many criticized his tactics because they claimed he violated important constitutional liberties
baby boom encouraged nativist ideas or a fear of outsiders
McCarthyism Many Americans moved to this region to find jobs and to enjoy the weather
Eisenhower The construction of interstate highways led to growth in these areas
quarantine The goal of this failed invasion was to overthrow Fidel Castro
Great Society This organization was created so scientists and the military could work on space related projects
Fidel Castro This law provided financial aid to veterans who wanted to go to college

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