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The Constitution

Robert Knapp

A puzzle about basic Constitutional concepts and facts

amendments 27 ________, or changes, to the Constitution have been made.
Executive Number of reasons for the Constitution in the preamble
six Delegates met here in 1787 to reform the American government.
Supreme Court America previously was governed under the Articles of ________.
Philadelphia The Constitution is kept in Washington, D.C. at the National ________.
Confederation The President is actually elected by the _________ College.
Constitution Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the ______.
Roosevelt There are nine members of this high court.
delaware This state was the first of the original 13 to ratify the Constitution.
Bill of Rights The first ten changes to the Constitution guarantee many basic American rights.
Archives Which President has used his veto power the most when he disagreed with Congress?
Electoral The branch of government that holds the President
Senate The supreme law of the land
balances There is a system of "checks and ______" in the three branches of government.

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