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1920-1929 American Cultural History

Nicky Sargent

This puzzle is about the history of 1920 through 1929. Good Luck!!

Flapper Great escape of the 1920's was made by___________
MissAmerica Sang the song "Second Hand Rose"
HarryHoudini The first talking picture, Don Juan, starring John Barrymore premiered on ________ in 1926.
JoanMiro Where "The Wrigly" building was made
FannyBrice "There's nothing surer; the rich get rich and the poor get ______." was considered the credo of the roaring 20's
EdwardHopper Where "The Woolworth" building was made
Broadway "Star and Snail Sexes" was _______'s painting
PaulKlee Like jazz music, the gangster, and the speakeasy, the rebellious and fun-loving flapper was a product of 1920s ______ America.
NewYork The _________ contest began in Atlantic City in1921
Chicago Billboard _________ published its first charts in 1928
Dance First Oscar movie was Paramount Pictures ______
KurtSchwitters "House By The Railroad" was ____________'spainting
Urban In the 1920s, the word "_______" described a young woman who rebelled against convention.
Opry "In the Blue" was ________'s painting
VassilyKandinsky "Decorative Figure on an Ornamentle Ground" was _______'s painting
Poorer "The Grande Ole____" was transmitted on the radio from Nashville in 1925
Sport American ________ was a very famous sport.
Magazines _______ Marathons were all the rage in the 1920's
Wings The "IT" girl
ClaraBow The first_____were given in 1927 for great movies
HenriMatisse ________ and other crooner singing stars aided their sales with their live and recorded radio performances.
BingCrosby "Elikan" was ________'s painting
Oscars "The Goldfish" was _______'s painting

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