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The Cultures of Central Asia

Krisynda Mathis

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Greeks Chirstians have a what to read
Kazakstan Who donated one million Quran
Soviet Union Th e biggest country in Central Asia
Kyrgyz what did the Russians call Kazaks
Kazaks In 1922, Russian Communist formed what
AlexandertheGreat Kazakstan is the biggest country were
Silk-road In 700 A.D what empir spred across large stretches of Central
CentralAsia This country and Britain tried to expand their empires into Central Asia
Persian What did Saudi Arabia donate to Muslims
Britain This trail was connected to Central Asia and Europe
Quran In 300s B.C. who was led by their warrior king
SaudiArabia This country and Russia tried to expand their empires into Central Asia
Russia What are the names of people who live in Kazakstan
HolyBible acient Asian people who left large buildings from ston
Europe He ruled for only a short time
Muslims located next to the Mediterranean Sea

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