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Dark Ages

Steven Kingdon

For beginners

Horses The main type of transportation.
WesternRomanEmpire Started to get built in the 13th century.
Knight The most common weapon.
Blackdeath Type of water transportation.
Renaissance Part of the first wave that invaded Europe.
Winter The dark ages was after this.
Castle The hardest season of them all.
1000AD Strange _______ were common in the Dark Ages.
Currency Protector of the Castle.
Boats The form of government.
Feudalism The Dark ages were before this.
Illiteracy Served as a home and fortress.
Chess Bottom of the chain.
Pheasants The code by which knights follow.
Goths A deadly disease in winter.
Chivalry The worst disease ever in the middle ages.
Slave Weapon of defence.
Scurvy The worst disease until another one came along.
Shield Most popular game at the time.
Marble A significant problem in the Middle Ages.
Myths Disease from not having a healthy diet.
Earliest Beginning of the Dark Ages.
Sword Who was the top of the chain.
Hospitals Other part that invaded Europe.
Leprosy What is another name for pheasant.
Pneumonia When were castle built from stone.
476AD There was a shortage of this.
12thcentury Ending of the Dark Ages.
Vandals The__________ castles were built from wood and dirt.
King Hospitals has grand columns made of this stone.

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