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Discovering America

Jim Webb

No description

hacienda wanderer
conquistador anti-Catholic Christians
vaquero Spanish explorer
nomad founder of the Georgia colony
longhouse Treaty of Tordesillas
privateer holy wars
civilization religious dissenters
obsidian French fur trader
burgesses Confederation of Native American tribes
hidalgo Spanish fort
headright type of Native living quarters
Squanto allowed people to settle in one place
puritans rebirth
presidio company with many investors
joint stock company Plymouth Colony's early settlers
Holy Experiment destroyer of Native Amrican cultures
Pilgrims mythical American trade route
Columbian Exchange colony governed by the owner of the colony
proprietary colony New Spain ranch
Iroquois League early Virginia legislators
circumnavigate sail around the world
courier de bois Native American "teacher"
Crusades organization of society
Renaissance first English explorer
heretic settling of Pennsylvania Colony
line of demarcation volcanic glass
agricultural revolution low ranking noble
James Oglethorpe Spanish cowhand
John Cabot land given to Virginia settlers
Northwest Passage legal pirate

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