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Europe's Early Middle Ages

Rachel Chien

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Constantinople The Visagoths, Frank, Angles, Teutones, Saxons, Jutes and Osogroths were examples of.
Peasants Where did the western European civilization begun?
Salic Code What is the Roman armed forces called?
Alfred What was the common language called in Europe?
Charlemagne Pope Leo III crowned ________ Empire of Romans
Pepin What is the throwing axe used by Franks called?
Seventy-two Architecture is the art and ________ of designing buildings.
Francisca Charlemagnedied at what age?
Germany What was Charlemagne's agent called?
Carolingian Empire When the laws were written down and collected, what were they called?
Mediterranean Sea Where was Gaul located?
Pax Romana What is the name of the empire Charlemagne built?
Roman Legions Who was Charlemagne's father?
France Who played a critical role in trainning missionaries and in spreading Christianity?
Science Who ruled the Anglo Saxon English and lost many battles with the vikings
Germanic people _________encouraged trade and exchange of ideas.
Irish Monks What was another name for serfs?
Missi Dominici Where is Charlemagne's castle located in today?
Skalds What was Eastern Roman Empire's capital called?
Latin What was the viking history and Legend called?

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