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Empires and Cultures of the Americas

Leslie Briggs

Empires and Cultures of the AmericasJunior High Social Studies

Andes Mountains Means "place at the falls".
Wigwam The Aztecs and two other cities joined together.
Chinampas A huge rocky region in northern Canada.
Bowating A knotted cord used for record keeping.
Tribute Dome-shaped houses
Isthmus Mountains found in the western United States.
Tundra Level platforms of earth on a hill.
Codex Another name for taxes.
Canadian Shield Refers to differences.
Great Lakes Records kept on long folded sheets of paper.
Triple Alliance A series of lakes in northern America.
Terrace Center of Aztec culture and power.
Diversity A treeless plain.
Tenochtitlan Human made islands.
Timberline Mountains found in South America.
Quipu An imaginary line on a mountain whre tree don't grow.
Rocky Mountains A narrow strip of land that connects two land massses.

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