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Ch 10 Vocabulary


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SpanishArmada Protestant half-sister of Mary I, became queen when Mary I died.
MaryQueenofScots french for "I am the state"
LouisXIV Ended the war between Spain and Britian, recognized Louis's grandson as the king of Spain
HenryIV 23 year old daughter of Charles VI, inherited Austria and the other Habsburg lands
DiplomaticRevolution Ended the French spending, son of Frederick I
Gentry Separatists, People who wanted to Purify the church of old Catholic practices
FREDERICKWILLIAMI War in Europe that lasted from 1756 to 1763. fighting in North America was known as the French and Indian War
ElizabethI Protestant rebellion in Prague against the Holy Roman Empire
DIVINERIGHTOFKINGS Chief minister chosen to aide Louis XIII
JamesI War fought by Louis XIV over who would become the next king of Spain
BalanceofPower That god had chosen the king to rule the nation
MichaelRomanov Name given to Hohenzollern ruler Frederick William
LETAT,CESTMOI Nickname for Mary I who took the English throne in 1553
CardinalRichelieu Son of Mary of Scots, Became king in 1603 and united England and Scotland under the rule of the same monarch
Burgesses King of france who ruled for 72 years.
CatherinetheGreat Frederick II, highly intelligent ruler of Prussia
GREATELECTOR Able advisor under Louis XIV who was an expert in finance
WAROFTHESPANISHSUCCESSION Cathrine II, ruled from 1762 to 1796.
MARIATHERESA Landowners who had social position but no titles
Puritans merchants and professional people from towns and cities
Versailles First French king under the monarch of the house of Bourbons
PetertheGreat After the war of Austrian Succession, major reversal of alliances occuring in Europe
SevenYearsWar Czar Peter I
TREATYOFUTRECHT Large french palace built outside of Paris by Louis XIV
JEAN-BAPTISTECOLBER Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland
BloodyMary idea in which countries have equal strength in order to prevent any one country from dominating the others
PragmaticSanctions Agreement that would allow Maria Theresa to inherit all the Habsburg lands
ThirtyYearsWar Grandnephew of Ivan IV, elected to be Czar of Russia in 1613
FredericktheGreat Spanish fleet of 130 ships that was called the Invincible Armada

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