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Federalist Period Crossword

Ms Szeliga

Students will complete the following Crossword using their index cards to prepare for the test

MIDNIGHTJUDGES Agreement between Native Americans and USA to open land in the Western Territory
THOMASJEFFERSON Creates Nullification process
WARHAWKS Not to Trade with a Country
FEDERALIST This country Tried to Force USA to pay a Bribe
THIRD Thomas Jefferson was the __ President
THEPROPHET Wanted a Strong National Government
WAROF1812 George Washington creates the Judicial Branch
IMPRESSMENT Treaty says Britian must pay for damages caused while Impressing sailors
ADAMsOnisTreaty Created the Farewell Address
JUDICARYACT Wrote Star Spangled Banner
FAREWELLADDRESS Secretary of State under Washington
WHISKEYREBELLION Said No Foreign Alliances
FRANCE Said "Remember the Ladies"
VIRGINIAANDKENTUCKYRESOLUTIONS Name of Political Policy to remain neutral
PROCLAMATIONOFNEUTRALITY Legislation created to rid country of immigrants and traitors
BILLOFRIGHTS Adams last minute appointments to Judicial branch
NULLIFY Ended War of 1812
TREATYOFGREENVILLE Native American opposed to Treaty of Greenville, fights with British in War of 1812
PATRIOTISM First 10 amendments to Constitution
ABIGAILADAMS Washington Warned against these
LAISSEZFaire US gain Florida but gives up Texas claim
PINCKEY'STREATY Treaty with Spain to open the Mississippi River to Western Farmers
NONIntercourseAct government has a "Hands- Off" approach to business
JAY'STREATY First Supreme Court Justice
POLITICALPARTIES Western and Southern Senators for war with Britain
ALIENANDSEDITIONACT Act used to confiscate goods smuggled into the USA
ENFORCEMENTACT Second President of the United States
TECUMSEH AKA Mr. Madison's War
FRANCISSCOTTKEY Not obey a federal law if state deems unconstitutional
TREATYOFGHENT Act states USA can trade with every country except France and Britain
LOUISIANAPURCHASE Wanted a Weak National Government, Stong State Government
JOHNADAMS Supreme Court case led to Judicial Review
JOHNMARSHELL Kidnapping sailors from US ships
MARBURYVSMADISON Land bought from France for 15 million
ALEXANDERHAMILTON Farmers refuse to pay tax
GEORGEWASHINGTON Secretary of the Treasury under Washington
EMBARGO Brother of Tecumseh

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