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Feudalism in Japan

Carla Yaxley

This crossword puzzle includes some of the key terms that we have covered throughout our Unit on feudalism in Japan. Good luck and have fun!

samurai A chain of many islands.
lacquer An orange coloured fruit that tastes sweet and resembles a tomato.
japan A Japanese game played with black and white stones on a marked board.
extort To acquire money by means of threats
rice To give up a throne.
geyser A person sent from a church on religious task, often to convert others.
paddy Country who's name means "great land of the rising sun".
kabuki This type of crab looks prehistoric and is found in central Japan.
shogunate A word that means "the Divine Wind" and was also used by suicide pilots in World War II.
missionary Samurai warrior without a master.
kamikaze The preparation and drinking of tea in a service that follows strict rules.
tea ceremony A way that samurai tied their hair in a high bun on the top of their head.
katana This remains a staple food in the Japanese diet.
shogun A form of Japanese theatre with stylized acting and music in which males play all the roles.
vassal Describing the surface characteristics of a region such as its lakes, rivers and mountains.
topographical A boiling hot spring that shoots steam and a column of water into the air at intervals.
persimmon A coating that was used on samurai armour that creates a durable, glossy surface when dry.
go Warriors who worked for powerful lords and eventually took control of Japan.
patriotism The long-sword of samurai warrior.
archipelago Name for a rice field.
top knot Loyalty to one's country.
horseshoe Someone who owes their loyalty to a lord.
abdicate A military ruler of Japan during the feudal period.
ronin A tropical cyclone or windstorm.
meditation A great feudal lord.
fujisan The name of the largest and most famous mountain in Japan.
reunify A person's position in society.
daimyo A period of military rule by a shogun.
clan Reflecting and concentrating in silence.
rank To reunite, to bring together as one again.
typhoon A social grouping of related families.

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