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Gilded Age

Jeffrey Palmeiro

Complete the crossword!

tenements 1887 law that was in response to many complaints against the railroad companies
homestead act the ability to read and write
business cycle low-cost apartment buildings designed to house as many families as the owner could pack in
Sherman antitrust act by 1900 this company owned more than 900,000 miles of wire, sending roughly 63,000 "coded" messages a year
William Jennings Bryan a group of separate companies placed under control of a single managing board
interstate commerce act leader of the Sioux Indians who were defeated Custer at little big horn in 1876
yellow journalism another word for tax
civil service his cross of gold speech inspired the democrats to push for expansion of the money supply as a remedy to farmers problems
suburbs a wealthy person who gives back to the society in the form of buildings dedicated to literature, education, or the arts
grandfather clause he made his millions by questionable methods to control the oil industry
Granger laws the first act passed by congress to attack the powers of the monopolistic businesses
populist a group of African Americans that called for full civil liberties, an end to racial discrimination, and recognition of human brotherhood
Sitting bull completed in 186 at promontory point, Utah
Rockefeller 1862 law that provided support for state colleges
Morrill land grant act says that government should play a very limited role in business
social Darwinism in 1896 Bryan proclaimed that the republicans "shall not crucify mankind upon a _______"(3words)
laissez faire federal lands set aside for native Americans
reservations followers of a new political party
monopoly a drop in prices of goods
poll tax exempts a group of people from obeying a law provided they meet certain conditions before the law was passed
patent says that society should do as little as possible to interfere with people's pursuit of success
Philanthropist the government's non-elected workers
Niagara movement a payment made by the government to encourage the development of ceertain key industries
nativism loose association of business that make the same product
ghettos 1892 strike in Pennsylvania against carnage steel
Transcontinental Railroad passed in several Midwestern states to limit the power of businesses who were hurting farmers
Western union telegraph company coined by mark twain, it suggested that a thin layer of prosperity covered the poverty and corruption of much of society
assimilation boom and bust period
literacy the process by which people of one culture become part of another culture
Haymarket riot complete control of a product or service
trust favoring native-born Americans over immigrants
Cross of Gold 1886 labor related violence in Chicago
JP Morgan workers called in by an employer to replace striking laborers
deflation residential communities surrounding the cities
scabs in which one ethnic or racial group dominated
cartel 1862 law that offered 160 acres of western land to settlers
Gilded age type of newspaper coverage that emphasized sensational stories
Tariff licenses to make, use, or sell an invention
subsidy special fee so people could vote
homestead strike the first billionaire, he made his money in banking

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