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Going West

Mangrove Productions

Manifest Destiny

Forty Niner the most popular route west to the Pacific
Possibles Sack Lone Star State
Santa Fe Trail explorer
Joseph Smith gold seeker
Conestoga where mountain men kept their tobacco etc.
Brigham Young a trapper
Siege conflict with our S neighbor
John C. Fremont second Morman leader
Lopez de Santa Anna a Texas leader
Oregon Trail Morman religion founder
Cede continuous attack
Whitmans someone who takes the law in their own hands
Tejano Bear Flag Republic
Westword Ho missionaries
James Polk president who believed in Manifest destiny
Vigilante a gathering of mountain men
John Jacob Astor Spanish priest
Junipero Serra a fur
Annex a Mexican general
the Alamo to add on
Texas a fur trader's name
Chapultepec fort outside Mexico City
Pelt New York newspaper man
Stephen Austin the idea that the U.S. should expand to the Pacific Ocean
Rendezvous old Spanish mission
Manifest Destiny to give up
Mountain Man the route from MO to NM
Horace Greeley a Mexican in Texas
Mexican War a type of covered wagon
California the call at the start of a wagon train

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