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Golden Ages of Greece and Rome

Mark Bays

Key words about the Greek and Roman Golden Ages

Rehtoric The religion that had a caste system.
Culture The center of a city in ancient Greece where temples were found.
Aquaduct Term means, "The Roman Peace". It was Romes golden age.
Philosophy A peoples way of life
Pax Romana A type of government where people vote on decisions.
Legislature A type of government where a small group of wealthy people run things.
Plebians The law making body of a country.
Aristocracy A system of ideas that helps explain things.
Acropolis The lower class of people, that were still citizens.
Democracy A Roman engineering accomplishment that was used to bring water to cities.
Hinduism The art of skillful speaking. It was prized by the Greeks.
Republic A type of government where peopel elect officials to decide things.

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