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Hellenistic Aetataureate: 335-146 B.C

Conrad Jalowski

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sarissa Pentacosiomedimnoi
Cannae Grecian naval supremacy
Pyrrhus Subjugator at Heraclea: 280 B.C, Ausculum: 279 B.C, Beneventum: 275 B.C
cohort Seleucus Nicator's opprobrium of Antigonus Monopthalmus in 301 B.C
Triparadisus Battle on 216 B.C of Hannibal Barca against Varro and Aemilianus
Ptolemaic 16-20 foot long pike of the Macedonian pezhetairoi phalanxes
poliorcetics Royal agema; somatophylaxes of Alexander III
Corupedium 312-65 B.C
Ipsus The inchoate ditrichotomous conglomeration of suzerainties: Paraitacene, Gabiene, Gaza, Salamis, Rhodes, Ipsus, Corupedium
thalassocracy A rhomboid phalanx utilized by the Thracians and Thessalians; conglomeration consisting of one lochos and uragos
phalanx Lucripetous, concupiscible for apocolocyntosis
hypaspist Formation utilized by Pheidon of Argos: 675 B.C
quincuncialis The propitious debellation of Lysimachus: 281 B.C
Antigonus The art of siege; Named after the appellation, sobriquet of Demetrius 'Besieger' at the blockade of Rhodes: 305-304 B.C
oligarchy Roman formation of the 1200 hastati, 1200 principes, 600 triarii
hubris 323-146 B.C
Diadochi Composed of six centuries: hastatus posterior, hastatus prior, princeps posterior, princeps prior, pilus posterior, pilus prior
Seleucidae Promulgation on 320 B.C
lozenge 323-30 B.C

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