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Chapter 14 Vocabulary Puzzle


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guglielmomarconi Painters who tried to paint vivid impressions of people or places
michaelfaraday stated that no particles of matter can move faster than the speed of light
dynamo People who moved away from their native lands
Realism Focused on everyday life in particular places
EmileZola Police officers in England
EdwardJenner Adapted Rugby into the modern game of Football
LouisPasteur Wrote "Ivanhoe"
JaneAddams english scientist who explored the nature of electricity
JamesFenimoreCooper Developed the first workable classification of the elements
ThomasEdison Russian composer who wrote the "1812 Overture"
MaxPlanck the scientific principles governing the movement of air around objects
LudwigvanBeethoven British naturalist who developed the theory of evolution
DmitryMendeleyev Discovered a new form of a Ray
biologicalsciences Chemist who developed pasteurization to kill bacteria in liquids
AlexanderGrahamBell Theory that acquired wealth and power had done so because of the superior abilities
Emigration italian inventor who developed a way to send messages without wires
WilhelmRontgen Idea of writing and art that deals with everyday life and social settings
Specialtheoryofrelativity Developed the smallpox vaccine
PierreandMarieCurie German physicist who developed a quantum theory for matter and energy
Tchaikovsky american inventor with important inventions in the field of communication
PaulCezanne study of how inborn characteristics of plants and animals inherited by descendants
aerodynamics Painter who explored the form and shapes of his subjects
IvanPavlov first people to achieve a sustained, controlled flight
MarkTwain branches of knowledge that scientifically study people as members of society
genetics Discovered Penicillin in 1928
Psychiatry used evolution as the basis for studying human communities
Bobbies German composer who wrote the "Pastoral Symphony"
Romanticism Study and treatment of mental illnesses, founded by Freud
AlbertEinstein faraday's first electric generator
HerbertSpencer Showed the ugly or unpleasant aspects of everyday life
evolution Local writer who wrote "Huckleberry Finn"
SigmundFreud American inventor who created the light bulb
AlexanderFleming Painter who emphasized color design over realism, cut off his ear and sent it to his girlfriend
WilburandOrvilleWright dedicated to a life of helping the poor, opened the "hull house"
CharlesDarwin development of plants and animals through change
GrimmBrothers Developed the theories that went into Radioactivity
Regionalism Artistic movement that appealed to the imagination and the spirit of individuality
AugusteComte Wrote "the legend of Sleepy Hollow"
SirWalterScott Austrian doctor who pioneered the understanding and causes of mental illness
Socialsciences German Scientist who developed the theory of relativity
Naturalists French novelist who was the leader of the Naturalist movement
WalterCamp Wrote a collection of German Fairytales
VincentVanGogh One of the founders of sociology
SocialDarwinism studies dealing with living organisms
Impressionists Discovered the theory of conditioned reflex

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