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History Puzzle

Marion McLean and Jake Petty

Words from Mr. Stone's history class

new which kingdom was from 2100-1600 BC
horus the most important organ to the egyptians
glacier who recorded their history and religious beliefs in the old testement
ka christianity and islam were influenced by what belief
mesopotamia land between the two rivers
papyrus what egyptian means "great house"
four only whom could enter temples
anubus the civilization that invented twenty-two letters of our alphabet
ninety-five who was the god of the dead
pyramids the earliest form of egyptian writing
homo sapian sapians to exchange goods with another without money
pharoh who was the first to outfit their armies with iron weapons
menes the civilization that invented cuniform writing
middle people who travel around looking for food
pre-history human like creatures that most resemble us
hyrogliphics which stone was the key to deciphering the egyptian language
assyrians the most important thing it the egyptians
nomads an egyptian's spirit
archeologist how many pyramids at giza
mummification the new stone age
hammurabi the arameans were conquered by whom
lydians who was the god of the nile river
hittites seventy-two to seventy-five days was the average time for what in ancient egypt
sumerians the period of time before writing was invented
old the code of what in babylon
neolithic age who united upper and lower egypt
osiris what did egyptians write on
phoenicians which kingdom was from 2700-2200 BC
judaism the greeks and romans added how many letter to the phoenician alphabet
rosetta stone which kingdom was from 1500-1000 BC
priests who was the god of mummification
hebrews it took twenty to twenty-five years to build what
embalming what percent of egyptians live on five percent of the land
paleolithic age a long sheet of ice
three which side of the nile were pyramids built on
west a person who studies things left behind by early people
heart the old stone age
afterlife who was the first to mint coins
barter who was the first to make iron weapons and tools
assyrians another name for mummification

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