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The Puzzle of Imperialism

By Mr. Frawley

No description

SphereofInfluence An influential writer during the height of the imperical era
RawMaterials This is a belief by europeans that their culture was superior to others
Redskins These are needed to continue the growth of industrialized Europe
Missionaries What is my name?
Eurocentrism A country can maintain its own government, but must adheare to the policies of a foreign power
RudyardKipling An entrepreneur in the diamond and gold industries
Protectorate This country colonized the area of Africa and Asia
Colony What is my favorite professional football team?
Imperialism One countries domination of the political, economic, and social life of another country
Britain A territory ruled by an imperial power
CecilRhodes These were set up by Christians in newly aquired territories
MrFrawley A region of exclusive investment in trading rights

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