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Inca Vocabulary

Gracie Rupp

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welfare state record-keeping device made of knotted strings
efficient examine carefully to find out something or to check conditions
quipu management of communication and relationships between people and nations
inspect system for ranking members of a group based on their importance
huayna capac population survey
breed easily noticed
pachacuti group of people or things with similar qualities
mita to provide enough food or water; to make something continue
pampas labor tax
category flat strips of level land
diplomacy vast grassy plains of argentina and uruguay
terraces religious teachings or practices
ayllu the management of a government or business
communal property ruler in 1493 who lead the empire in peace died in 1525
altiplano to raise animals or plants to be useful to humans
hierarchy ruler in 1438 who expanded the empire greatly
census something that works well
theology owned an managed by the government for public use
administration a government that takes responsibility for the well-being of its citizens
evident high plain centered bolivia
sustain group of related families that lived in the same location

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