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Asian Civilization - India

Benares persons who do not belong to any class
sudras it is really a subcontinent facing this on the south
Rajiv Gandhi majority origin of the people of India
Aryan reflects the life and culture of the ancient Aryans of India
Hinduism part of where India is located in Asia
untouchables the ____south includes coastal plains on both sides
arable Hindunistan in the north lies on the slope of the
Himalayas men who wear long beards and turban
karma Portuguese explorer
China the _____Plateau in the center is bounded by the Gnats (mountains) on the east and west
Indira Gandhi was elected president in July 2007, becoming the country's first woman to hold the post
zero destiny
Gandhi the caste system began as a race prejudice of the fair Aryans against these dark people
Vedic literature the capital
Dravidians India invented the ____and numeral in mathematics
caste system dominant religion - oldest organized religion
New Delhi rulers or warriors
Buddhism believes in the sacredness of all life
Brahmanas won the sympathy vote of the Indian people
triangular workers and slaves
Vasco de Gama a good soul is reborn after death into a higher status; a bad soul into a lower status or animal
Ganges farmers, artists, and merchants
Rao World's Largest Democracy
Indus River Aryan origin
kshatriyas "Father of Indian Independence"
sikh class system of India
Ravi Shankar founder Siddharta Gautama
reincarnation priests and scholars
vaishyas Prime Minister that was assassinated by Tamil rebels
India only 57% of the land is this
Deccan prose texts containing overservation on religious rites
Hindi shape of India's peninsula
Brahma official language
Europe most famous river in India
Pratibha Patil India's name came from
Brahmans mother of the assassinated prime minister
South Asia modern Indian musician
Jainism chief Hindu God - the creator and world soul
caucasian The huge area (3,185,019 sq,km.) makes it larger than this continent, without the USSR
Indian Ocean Hindu holy city
Tamil second to only this country in population

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