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Industrial and Agricultural Revolution

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Commons What was rotated during the agricultural revolution
Hurriers A farmer who rents land
Tenant A lot of this was enclosed by eighteen hundred
Newcomen ----------- frame invented by R Arkwright
Crystal Designer of first canal
Flying Designed menai suspension bridge
Cotton Glass exhibition centre in London. _________ Palace
Overcrowding Too many living in houses
Fallow These were older children working down the mines
Spinning A field left uncultivated
Crops Nice nickname for Townshend
Turnip This was dug down the mine
Telford First passenger railway linked Manchester and __________
Cholera Industry in the home
Watt Inventor of the seed drill
Drinking First steam engine invented by Thomas -------- in 1705
Stockton Popular pastime
Water He had idea of selective breeding
Tull More of this led to population increase
Mills First public railway linked Darlington and ________
Manchester By 1800 this was britains greatest industry
Domestic James ---------- invented steam engine which mechanised industry
Bakewell Time information: Mon Mar 21 10:35:56 2005 Start Mon Mar 21 10:35:56 2005 Finish Children's backs were often __________
Land Anyone could graze cattle here
Turnpike Young children worked in these
Weeds These could spread easily with open field system
Food First canal linked a coalmine to this city
Trevithick ------- shuttle invented by John Kay
Shaft ----------- Jenny invented by James Hargreaves
Deformed _______ trusts took charge of tolls
Brindley First locomotive running on its own track invented by Richard __________
Liverpool Deadly disease

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