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The Industrial Revolution

Karlan Eberhardt

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entrepreneur Women's right to vote
macadam An association that speaks for all workers of a particular trade
bourgeoisie The upper class, according to Marx
corporation A new, quick method of moving supplies and people around
enclosures A group that atttacked factories and machinery that they blamed for losing their jobs
scientificfarmer A spy that stole machinery plans from Britain and started a factory in the US
cottongin An economic system in which money is invested in buisness ventures with the goal of making a profit
capitalism Relating to cities
urban A system where everything is owned by the government,and private property is abolished
railroad A person who organizes, manages, and takes on the risks of a buisness
lowell Cloth
tenantfarmer A cheap, efficient way to power things
union Commerce between nations without economic barriers or restrictions
communism A system where the factors of production are owned by the public and operate for the welfare of all
utilitarianism Wrote An Essay on the Principle of Population
cholera Farmers that rent land from large landowners
spinningjenny Wrote Principles of Political Economy and Taxation
luddites A machine that cleans cotton, removing seeds than is possible by hand
proletariat The act of seeds sprouting and growing
laissezfaire Able to care for oneself
collectivebargaining Refusal to work
selfsufficient Large fields
malthus The economic policy of letting owners of industry and buisness set working conditions without interference
monopoly Having complete control of an industry, including production, transportation, and sale of products
utopia spying
Womenssufferage Big factory town in Massachusettes
karlmarx The working class, according to Marx
germinate Wrote the Communist Manifesto
slater A machine to spin cotton more efficiently
socialism A law making it illegal to hire children under 9
rural The idea that people should judge ideas,institutions,and actions based on their usefulness
steamengine A farmer that experimented with new mrthods of agriculture
middleclass Large rocks for drainage, covered with a smooth layer of crushed rocks
textile Negotiations between workers and their employers
strike A buisness owned by stockholders who share in its proftis but aren't personally responsible for its debts
freetrade A professor who defended the idea of a free economy
factoryact A group that is neither poor nor rich, but enjoys a comfortable lifestyle
adamsmith out in the country, sparsly populated
espionage A perfect society
ricardo A disease contracted from drinking dirty water

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