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The Industrial Revolution

Natasha Elander

No description

Capital Lord who urged farmers to grow turnips.
Great Exhibition He invented the seed drill.
Population Explosion Invention that spun many threads at the same time.
Spinning Jenny artificial waterway used for navigation, irrigation, etc.
Textiles Display of the "Works of Industry of all Nations"
Waterframe Rapid growth of population.
Canal A Place that brought workers and machines together to mass produce items or goods.
Industrial Revolution A period of change that changed the way of life for all time.
Turnpike this was invented during the Industrial Revolution and moved by steam power generated in its own boiler.
Jethro Tull Invention that used water to speed up the spinning of textiles.
Steam Locomotive Clothing manufacturing, was Britain's largest industry.
Charles Townshend A privately built road that charged a fee to all those who used it.
Robert Fulton Wealth to invest into enterprises.
Factory Natural resource used for steam engines and many other inventions.
Coal Built the first profitable steamboat.

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