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Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance

by Rudy Wakening

Use chapter 17 section 1 of your textbook to find the answers.

THEPRINCE Book that describes the "Renaissance Man"
RURAL The farthest spot on the horizion in a painting
VANISHINGPOINT Language of the common people
LEONARDO Financial supporter of the arts
ROME Made sculpture more realistic by carving natural postures and expressions
CATHOLIC Farm areas
URBAN The first European large free-standing nude since ancient times
THECOURTIER City the Medici family ruled
THELASTSUPPER Renaissance means _____
DONATELLO Painted the "School of Athens"
ISABELLADESTE These wars spurred overseas trade
HUNDREDYEARSWAR City poplation centers
MERCHANTS Church designed by Michelangelo
VERNACULAR She was the patron who defended Mantua and built a famous art collection
MACHIAVELLI Book about how to be politically effective
CRUSADES Son of Cosimo de' Medici
BUBONICPLAGUE Fresco of Christ and the apostles
MICHELANGELO Took four years to paint the ceiling here
RENAISSANCE Focused on human potential and achievements
PERSPECTIVE Indicates three dimensions in a painting
STPETERS Boccaccio's book about times during the plague
SISTINECHAPEL City of the headquarters of the Catholic Church
OTTOMANTURKS Years from 1300-1600
PETRARCH Famous female painter Sofonisba ________
SECULAR Humanist who wrote sonnets
DECAMERON The wealthiest European of his time
FLORENCE Most Italians were members of this church
ANGUISSOLA Worldly, concerned with the here and now
RAPHAEL Carved "David", painted the Sistine chapel, and designed St. Peter's
COSIMODEMEDICI Wealthiest, most powerful class of people
HUMANISM Why northern Europe laged behind the rest of the world
DAVID They took Constantinople in 1443
LORENZO Wrote about how to be an effective ruler
PATRON Killed 60% of the population of some cities
REBIRTH Painter of the "Mona Lisa"

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