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twentythousand this all japanese combat team is the most decorated ever
usgovernment camp manzanar was located at the foot of these mountains
supremecourt this japanese american refused to go to an internment camp
onehundredtwentythousand all japanese trained combat troops fought in WWII
sierranevada this is the side the supreme court sided with in kprematsu v. the US government
twothousand number of japanese americans forced into internment camps
twohundredthirty this is the number of medal of honor recipients in the 442nd battalion
niseisoldiers the 442nd was called this because so many died or were injured
manzanar japanese word for 2nd generation japanese americans
purpleheartbattalion this internment camp was located in eastern california
usgovernment this is who fred korematsu sued
nisei this is the court that decided korematsu v. the US government
europe amount of money the us government gave to japanese americans
presidentreagan this is how far camp manzanar was located from Los Angeles
fourhundredfortysecond number of sailors that died in attack on pearl harbor
fredkorematsu nisei combat troops were only allowed to fight in this area
twentyone in 1988, this president apologized to japanese americans

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