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John F Kennedy

Ashley Payne and Mayra Martinez

No description

Assassiated John's Father
Dallas Texas John F Kennedy was the ______ president and the ______to be killed
PT 109 John F Kennedy and his wife went to__________ for a Democratic Party
Youngest He was __________ in 1947-1953
Hoesph Patrick John's Mother
Governer Connally John F Kennedy was ______ by Lee Harvey Oswald
Arlington National Cemetary Who was the other person to get shot but lived
State Represented John and Jacquelines secound child who died in a plane crash in 1999
Jacqueline John F Kennedy graduated in 1940 from _____ College
Thirty Fifth John F Kennedy was in what war
Lee Harvey Oswald John and Jacquelines oldest child
Romon Cathlic John F Kennedy's wife
World War II What boat sank that John F Kennedy was on in the Navy
Caroline Bouvier John F Kennedy was what religion
Brookline Massachuetts where John F Kennedy is buried
Harvard John F Kennedy was borni _________
Patrick Bouvier Who was the Guy who Killed John F Kennedy
John Fitzgerald John F Kennedy was the ______ President in 1953-1961
John F Kennedy Who was the 35th President
Rose Fitzgerald John and Jacquelines third child but had a miscarriage

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