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Julius Caesar

Ryan J, Raven A, Shama D, Sean O, Matt T.

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Conspirator A sign of token of the will of the gods.
Pompey Brutus' wife.
Lion The main conspirator.
Strato Who does Portia send out to the Capitol when Caesar is planned to be killed?
HonorableMen Who killed Cassius?
Rome Who convinces Caesar to go to the Capitol?
Lupercal The main character of a tragedy.
Soothsayer The process at which someone changes base metals into gold.
Cassius Who held the sword for Brutus?
Lucius Act of secretly planning together to perform an illegal or evil act.
Alchemy Who was killed because his name happened to be the same as one of the conspirators?
ides Who were the conspirators pleading for in order to get close to Caesar?
Conspiracy The group of people that plotted to kill Caesar.
Portia Fortune Teller.
Coal Caesar's nephew.
Octavius "Et tu Brute?"
Cinna The Form of government in which the final authority of the state rests with the voting citizens.
Anachronism Where Caesar was murdered?
Decius What did Casca see at the Capitol on the 14th of March?
Philippi Beware of the ____ of March.
Capitol Who is the first to stab Caesar?
Omen Something that does not belong in that time period.
Calpurnia What do Cassius and Brutus argue about in the tent?
Artemidorus The conspirator whos mistakes are because he listened to Brutus.
Pinderus What does Antony keep calling the conspirators during his speach after Caesar's death?
TragicHero The feast where Caesar was first warned.
Brutus Who tried to warn Caesar about his death on March 15th?
Republic The state in which Brutus slays to protect.
Caesar Caesar's wife.
Casca What does Portia swallow in order to kill herself?
Money What does Caesar want to become?
King Where Cassius and Brutus Die?
PubliusCimber The person who declared Caesar an enemy.

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