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Manifest Destiny

Mr. Kramlich

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diverse A reason why the US was eager to go to war with Mexico
annex Took control of New Mexico without firing a shot
ratify bought from Mexico because its flat land was good for railroads
Alloforegonornone first to travel into Oregon territory using the South Pass
WilliamTravis One reason some in the US did not want to annex Texas
TreatyofGuadalupehidalgo one way America grew
greatbritain Reason why Louisiana was sold to the US
Nuecesriver America saw the border between Texas and Mexico as this
GeneralStephenKeary obvious fate
oldroughandready Was sent to stop raids on the Georgian border but instead invaded Florida
Jackson The reason why Georgians were angry at Floridas governing body
payingoffsettlersclaimsagainstspain The Lone Star Republic
The49thParallel Americans who setteld in Texas agreed to become this
missionaries why the US wanted to buy New Orleans
Noreinforcements Reason Louisiana was sold to the US
raidsfromindiansandescapedslaves The Mexican Cession where Mexico gave up a vast part of its territory to the US
Oregon Filled Texans with rage
Jameskpolk One reason some in the US did not want to annex texas
war The US was stopped in Mexico in this city
Texas Many felt the Louisiana purchase was this
unconstitutional A reason why the Texans were defeated at the Alamo
tenyears Mexicos response to Americans disrespect for Mexican laws and culture
blackberryjuice President who annexed Texas
cotton Russia agreed to stop claims to Oregon territory at this point
abraham Launched a rebellion against Mexican rule in California
treaties A campaign slogan duringPolk's 1844 election
Tejanos Reason many saw Texas as a valuable area
warwithbritain one way America grew
SouthPass Spain agreed to give up claims to this in the treaty to purchase Florida
theoldthreehundred Dreamed of starting an American colony in Texas
JohnCFremont The first 297 families to enter Texas became known as this
Russia the senate finally approved the Louisiana purchase also know as this
diplomacy He took over colonizing Texas after his father died
Romancatholics Where the Us and Britain agreed to split Oregon country
slavery one of two groups who had territorial claims in America not counting the US
governorgetout one way America grew
theheroicchildren Mexico saw the border between Texas and Mexico as this
Monterrey Part of the purchase price of Florida included this
oldfussandfeathers Number of years Texas was its own nation
California Used to make Californias flag
Greatbritain The rasing of the black flag by Santa Anna meant this
SouthernBorderofAlaska Texans of Mexican descent
Riogrande A low flat area pioneers could use to get to the Oregon territory
USwantedNewMexico Amercians who settled in Texas agreed to become this
portcityfor trade Called for a revolution in Texas
Mexico loved fancy uniforms and fought his way to Mexico City (nickname)
manifestdestiny one of two groups who had territorail claims in America not counting the US
JedediahSmith A Seminole chief of both Indian an African American heritage
stephenAustin Zachary Taylor was known as this
USwantedCalifornia A reason why the US was eager to war with Mexico
Expectnomercy defended Mexico against US invasion and became known as Los Ninos Heros
davycrockett A famed American who died at the Alamo
closedthebordertoamericanimmigration Bear flag republic
Mexicancitizens One nation who had claims in Oregon territory
WarwithMexico a combination of various groups makes a nation this
TheexecutionofAlamofighters to add a territory to a country
gadsdenpurchase Discovered South Pass
MosesAustin A Nation who had claims in Oregon territory
settlement Americas demand to Spain after Jackson took over
lossofhaiti the art of negotiating with other countries

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