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Medieval Times

Mr. Mikrut

No description

knights Frankish official with the real political power
feudalism Noble who acted as local official im Frankish Empire
count "The Hammer" who defeated Muslims at Battle of Tours
mayor of the palace Noble who was granted fief by king
lords King that enlarged his kingdom into the Frankish Empire
medieval Mounted warriors of the noble army
lady Code of knight's behavior
fiefs Noblewoman who lived according to medieval customs
vassal Peasants that are bound to the land
Franks Invaders that settled in what is now France
Clovis Common people who farmed fief in return for protection
Charlemagne Estates (land) along with peeasants granted to a lord
tournament Frankish king who converted to Christianity
serfs Ceremony that made ties between lord and vassal official
chivalry Political system based on alliance in exchange for land
homage A noble who served a lord of the next higher rank
Charles Martel Dynasty of Frankish rulers
manorialism Word that means "middle Ages"
peasants Mock battles between Knights
Merovingians System of agricultural economy for food and protection

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