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Counties in Michigan with Native American names

Mrs. Loachridge

Answer the clue by entering the correct county name into the puzzle.

Missaukee Named for the river "Nantounagon; Ojibwa "onagon" means "dish" or "bowl"
Newago From an Iroquoian word "je-nis-hi-yeh" this county's name means "beautiful valley."
Oscoda Combination of two Ojibwa words, "ossin" (stone) and "muskoda" (prairie)
Genesee "He who wears puckered shoes." Named for the largest of the Algonquin tribes the ______ also called Ojibwa.
Muskegon From "sace-nong" or "Sak-e-nong" (Sauk Town) because the Sauk once lived there
Sanilac Named for the Seminole Indian chief, Osceola
Lenawee Named for the river that runs through it, thought to be "Ke-Ken-a-ma-zoo" in Native American. Widely accepted translation is "boiling water."
Keweenaw Named for the river, its meaning is not positive; ideas include "green river" and "it runs backward and forward"
Huron "chief" or "boss" in Ottawa or Ojibwa is "ogima" This county was named after a prominent Saginaw Valley Indian chief who signed the Treaty of 1819.
Shiawassee Named after chief Sanilac, according to Huron traditions
Ontonagon Originally "Michilimackinaw"
Washtenaw Named for the tribe which lived there, means "rice men" or "rice gatherers"
Kalamazoo Native American meaning "man" Possibly from the Shawnee "lenawai"
Ottawa From the Mohawk Iroquuoian work that means either "clear water" or "meeting place"
Otsego Probably comes from the Chippewa "bic" which means "rock"
Menominee Meaning "a place of ore", this county may have originally been "Chabwegan"
Mecosta Named for the Indian chief, Mecosta
Saginaw From the Chippewa word "mashkig" meaning swamp or marsh
Mackinaw From the name of a Chippewa chief who signed the Saginaw Treaty of 1819, or from a Native American word meaning "much water"
Cheboygan Native American word "Kee-wi-wai-non-ing" meaning "portage"
Osceola Named by the French in reference to the Native American tribe they called "hure" meaning "head" for the fantastic way they dressed their hair. Named for the lake "Lac des Hurons"
Chippewa Named for an Ottawa chief who signed treaties in 1831 and 1833
Ogema Named for the Ottawa tribe called "Ondatahouats" or "people of the forest" by the Hurons
Gogebic Native American people call the area west of Detroit "wash-tenong" meaning further district or "land beyond"

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