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The Muslim Expansion

M Hough

No description

janissaries lower ranking officials who took a portion of taxes paid instead of a salary
grand vizier Location of major battle between the Safavids and Ottomans
jihad the cremation of a widow (even if still living) on her husband's funeral pyre
othodoxy Grandson of Babur who came to the throne at the age of 14
zamindars Called the Magnificent by Europeans
suttee Came from the mountains to established a new dynasty in 1500 in India
Sinan Considered the most beautiful building in the world, built in Agra
sultan New dynasty that arose in the 16th century
pashas adventurer related to the great Asian conqueror Timur Lenk
Muhammad Greatest of all Ottoman architects
Suleyman The religous advisers of the Sultan
Agra took control of Mesopotamia in the early 1500s
Babur traditional religous beliefs
Akbar Group of Osman Turks who began to expand into an empire in the early 14th century
Safvids The chief minister who led meetings of the council
harem the private domain of the sultan
Moguls an elite guard of the Ottoman rulers
Tabriz Where the Taj Mahal was built
shah the central government made up of appointed officials who collected taxes and maintained laws
ulema First prophet of Islam
Selim I king of the new Persian state
Taj Mahal the head of the Ottoman system was known a _________
Ottomans holy war

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