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Ashley McDaniel

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Jerome When was Napoleon born
Ajaccoi The person Napoleon had an affair with
Rome Louis Bonaparte son
Five feet Two inches The second island that Napoleon was exiled to
Stomach Cancer His son became the king of __
Josephine Who was Napoleon's Father
Victoria Kraus Who was his favorite sister
August How many brother and sisters dis Napoleon have
St. Helena Who was Napoleon's Mother
Father Where was Napoleon trained to become a military leader
Elba How tall was Napoleon
Pauline Brother os Napoleon
France Who was the youngest broter
Archduchess Marie Louise The samll Isalnd that Napoleon was first exiled to
Karl Eugin Von Mulhfeld Who surrendered to France in 1779
Eugene de Beauharnais What parent died when Napoleon was 16
May Where was Napoleons First battle
Louis When was Napoleon baptized
July Where was Napoleon born
Six Napoleon had to pay 2 million ___ to the new french government
Austria Napoleon's son from an affair
Napoleon II Who was Napoleons second wife
Franks What did Napoleon die from
Toulon Who was Napoleon's stepson
Letizia Ramolino What month did Napoleon die in
Carol Bonaparte Who was Napoleons first wife
Napoleon III What was the name of his son

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