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Native Americans of North America

Mrs. Avery

Native Americans of Eastern Woodlands Region, the Great Plains Region, Southwest Desert Region and the Northwest Coast Region.

longhouse party given in celebration where the guests receive gifts
tribe a gathering of American Indians
Shaman temporary shelter made of poles and hides
powwow Iroquois building used for shelter
reservation Spanish word for village
totem pole people unite for a particular purpose
Northwest Coast person people came to when they were not feeling well
wampum land set aside by US for Native Americans
Great Plains area full of natural resources including Vancouver Island
Kachina doll a carrying device pulled by dogs or horses
travois carvings that represent ancestor and display wealth
Eastern Woodlands large area of land that Iroquois League dwelled in
league people who share a common culture
potlatch used for religious education for young
pueblo oldest town in the United States
Iroquois League tribes of six American Indians that banded together
Oraibi fairly flat region
Southwest Desert hut built by Plains people to live in
tepee hot arid region
lodge polished seashells hung on strings or woven into belts

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