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The New Deal

Emily McCormick

No description

ELEANOR liberal reformer who opposed the New Deal
LYNCH group of FDR's advisors
TOWNSEND a program formed to help Americans find work
DUSTBOWL project that attempted to bring electricity and build dams in the South
GRANTWOOD created "American Gothic," a famous painting of an old couple
FWP pensions for retired persons over the age of 65
MIGRANTMOTHER first lady in the 1930's
BRAINTRUST several of these were created to oversee New Deal programs
SOCIALSECURITY regaining of balance in the economy, strived for by FDR
DEPOSITS FDR tried to do this by adding people to the Supreme Court
GRAPESOFWRATH to murder by mob action, without lawful trial
TVA insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC)
RECOVERY novel by John Steinbeck that follows a family as they move to CA
ADMINISTRATIONS famous photograph of mother and children during the Depression
RECESSION hired 6,000 writers to copy down stories of the Great Depression
COURTPACKING distributed $500 million in relief aid to state
FERA region covered with clouds of dust
WPA temporary falling off of economic activity

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