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New Imperialism

Ms. Sutcliffe

Global History

NewMarkets Chinese nationalist who wanted to rebuild China
SunYixian The Ottoman empire was threatened by these
SuezCanal The growth of imperialism in the 1800's was the result of this
Ethiopia one crop economy for marketing
BoerWar What the imperialists were looking for when they colonized other countries
westernization Discovery of valuable resources in S. Africa triggered this
TradeDeficit Modernized Egypt
TaipingRebellion Boers
oil After 1900, Chinese reformers supported this
SepoyRebellion British insensitivity to Indian customs caused this
Africa What the Imperialists wanted from China
OpiumWars What the Indian National Congress Wanted
Britain vital waterway that shortened sailing time from England to India
SocialDarwinism traditional Chinese values that conflicted with modernization
IndustrialRevolution Why did Britain and Russia try to control Iran
NationalistRevolts Gained much of Southern Africa during the 1800's
ConfucianIdeals When import is greater than export
BoxerRebellion term using evolution to justify imperialism and racism
Imperialism Series of wars fought by Britain and China
MuhammadAli Belgium king who owned the Congo
selfdetermination European nationalism in the 19th century was motivated by this
Leopold Anti-foreign movement in China
EastIndiaCompany at the Berlin Conference, the European powers determined rules for colonizing this
DutchFarmers Caused by peasants revolt - wanted land reform in China
EconomicOpportunities Controlled India until the event of the Sepoy mutiny
resources This country resisted Imperialism
CashCrop What the "White Man's Burden" led to

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