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Peloponnesian War

No description

foolproof Killed one-fourth of the Anthenians
traitor Training which began at 7 for Spartans
dormitories The Spartans left men in who charge who led a muderous reign of ___
terror Harsh, war-loving Greeks
democracy This was wiped out leaving the Athenians defenseless
longwalls Spartan boys grew up in these
Athenians Spartans were required to do this by age 7
marry Fled to Sparta from Athens
military Athens only cared about protecting their ___
plague Spartan failed as lasting _____
navy Men left to rule Athens by the Spartans
conquerors His empire was soon to take over the Spartans
thirtytyrants Greeks who were fond of art and deep thinking
Spartans The Long Walls were not ___
Alexanderthegreat Built to be Athens protection (two words)

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