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Martin Hafer

This is for an 8th grade unit on pirates for American History.

Blackbeard The nickname given to the pirate flag
Chanty This man wrote TREASURE ISLAND
England Up to about 1/3 of the crew on many pirate ships were ex-_______
Democratic Pirate crews were ____________ because each person usually got a vote on important issues
Codes This was one of the worst punishments a crew could do to a disloyal pirate
Privateer This pirate became the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica
Decatur ____legs were actually pretty common among pirates due to their MANY battles and lousy medical care
Jollyroger A female pirate
Patchy _______ was a famous pirate who circumnavigated the globe
Peg This is a sports team named after pirates
Hook Pirate ______ listed the rules for the crew and captain
Keelhauling A pirate song
Bonny This American defeated the Barbary Pirates
Stevenson This is the pirate word for "treasure"
Slaves This famous pirate is a close personal friend of Spongebob
Laffitte He reportedly tied fuses into his beard and looked like the Devil himself!
Drake This pirate helped the Americans beat the British at New Orleans.
Morgan Most pirates were from this country
Buccaneers Captain _________ was created by J. M. Barrie
Booty A pirate authorized by the king or queen to steal.

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