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Ms. Johnson

Grade 6 Pirates ELA Unit from Saskatchewan

maroon A short, heavy, single edged sword, once used predominantly by sailors.
booty typically a black flag bearing dreawn white bones; indicates a pirate ship.
cutlass One whose responsibility it is to help in navigatng a vessel.
buccaneer A ship that is involved in trade/commerce. A cargo ship.
plunder A general term for valuables that are often buried.
Jolly_Roger A parasite that often infests any place that people may live.
mutiny a piratical adventurer of the sea. A person who plunders at the sea, or land fromt he sea.
lice A large square masted vessel of the 1500's used for war, or commerce.
privateer To raise against authority, particularly a naval or military power.
merchant_ship an armed vessel sailing under the commission of a sovereign power against the enemy
pirate To isolate. Sailors would leave mutinous shipmates on deserted islands, without any means of survival.
treasure The act of pillaging or robbery.
mariner Goods obtained illegally. Spoils obtained as a restult or war or battle.
loot A type of ship with large sails.
galleon Gold, money, or other goods obtained illegally
schooner to make an attempt, or to complete an attach on a ship. A thief or the seas, or ocean. Viloence used to steal (by force) the property of another vessel in order to steal gold or treasure.

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