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The Presidents

St Mary Mom

No description

harrison 18th president
coolidge 39th president
Adams 22nd president
fillmore 40th president
jefferson 19th president
johnson 34th president
garfield 11th president
roosevelt 30th president
reagan 33rd president
obama 36th president
Washington 6th president
mckinley 28th president
nixon 4th president
taft 12th president
johnson 9th president
wilson 14th president
bush 41st president
taylor 13th president
ford 15th president
grant 1st president
carter 20th president
tyler 26th president
kennedy 24th president
pierce 35th president
buchanan 43rd president
harrison 32nd president
cleveland 16th president
bush 5th president
VANBUREN 17th president
arthur 27th president
cleveland 3rd president
eisenhower 21st president
harding 25th president
madison 29th president
truman 7th president
monroe 37th president
lincoln 38th president
clinton 31st president
polk 23rd president
jackson 10th president
hoover 8th president
roosevelt 42nd president
hayes 44th president
quincyadams 2nd president

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