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19th Century Reformers Crossword Puzzle

Caleb Erven

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Abolitionists Attended school only ten weeks a year.
Antioch College The city Thoreau practiced his preaching in.
Henry David Thoreau Went to jail for letting an African American girl into her girls' school.
Horace Mann Revival of religious feeling and belief.
Ralph Waldo Emerson Schools that are paid for by taxes and managed by local government for the benefit of the general public.
George Ripley Where Horace Mann attended school.
Public schools The name of a newspaper.
Prudence Crandall A formal statement of injustices suffered by women.
Concord Became the first college to admit women as well as men.
Liberator This person started Brook Farm.
Oberlin College Central figure in a moement called transcendentalism.
Second Great Awakening Taught Sunday school at a jail.
Massachusetts Practiced what he preached in the woods.
Brook Farm Horace Mann became the first president of this college.
Declaration of Sentiments It was started by George Ripley.
Reformers People who work to correct failings or injstices.
Dorothea Dix A philosophy which taught that people should go beyond logical thinking to reach true understanding with the help of emotion and intuition.
Transcendentalism People who favored abolition, the ending of slavery.

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